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Nov 17 2017...
•NEW Maple Leaf Blog features Make Believe Gardens!
•NEW Maple Leaf Blog has some pics from a 1982 Chris Colt-Wildman battle
•NEW Classic Photo-John Studd 1982
•NEW we start a look at 15 Notables in MLW as part of our 15th year
-- Down to #11 Norm Kimber, joining Earl McCready, Tony Parisi, Jay Youngblood, and Bill Longson
• We had a new Classic Photo: Greg Valentine, and Ted McKinley as part of an Amateur Scene page
• Also a Classic Photo: Brower & Siki
• See if you can add to the Toronto Program List 1929-1984
• Another Classic Photo-French Angel 1952
• We took a look at wrestler/promoter 'Tiger' Tom Nelson
• Added the Almanac 1980
Maple Leaf Blog latest entry has Make Believe Gardens!
• Working on some new stuff, Frank Tunney: The Later Days, and some other stuff for our 15th Anniversary.
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THANKS TO ROGER BAKER for contributions to the MLWP. Many of the Classic photos and the main header images come from Roger's collections from his many years as a fan and then Professional Photog shooting Wrestling & Boxing bouts at MLG and around Ontario. We are fortunate to have his contributions to the articles as he shares his memories from the classic days of Ontario Pro Wrestling. Roger wrote many great stories for the Wrestling mags of the day that featured his photos and time spent with many of the biggest stars ever to appear at Maple Leaf Gardens. Thank you Roger! ...other credits are on our FAQ Page

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